Getting Started

You can start scraping any website in literally 1 minute. Our Web Scraping API will provide you with a seamless data pipeline which is almost 99.99% unbreakable.

Using Scrapingdog is pretty straightforward. Simply forward the URL you wish to scrape to the API, along with your API key, and the API will provide you with the HTML response from that designated URL.

Scrapingdog uses API keys for request authentication. To leverage the API, you must register for an account and incorporate your exclusive API key into each request.


Points to Remember

  • Each request will be retried until it can be successfully completed (up to 60 seconds). Remember to set your timeout to 60 seconds to ensure this process goes smoothly. In cases where every request fails in 60 seconds, our API will return a 410 error, you may retry the request and you will not be charged for the unsuccessful request (you are only charged for successful requests, 200 and 404 status codes). Make sure to catch these errors! They will occur on roughly 1-2% of requests for hard-to-scrape websites.

  • There is no overage allowed on the free plan, if you exceed 1000 requests per month on the free plan, you will receive a 403 error.

  • Each request will return a string containing the raw HTML from the page requested, along with any headers and cookies.

  • If you exceed your plan concurrent connection limit, the API will respond with a 429 status code, this can be solved by slowing down your request rate or upgrading to a bigger plan.

Error Codes

Credit Cost of APIs

GWS is a General Web Scraping API


You can authenticate to our API by providing your API key which you can obtain in the member area.

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