Web Scraping API

With a simple GET request to our Web Scraping API, you can scrape any webpage.

Simply send a GET request to https://api.scrapingdog.com/scrape with two query string parameters, api_key which is your personal API key, and url which is the target URL you would like to scrape.



api_key required

Your personal API key. Available on your dashboard Type: String

url required

URL of the page you want to scrape. Type: String


It tells our server whether you want to render JS or not. It can be either true or false. By default it is true. Type: Boolean


curl "https://api.scrapingdog.com/scrape?api_key=5e5a97e5b1ca5b194f42da86&url=http://httpbin.org/ip&dynamic=false"


    <pre style="word-wrap: break-word; white-space: pre-wrap;">

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