Amazon Product Scraper

This API can be used for scraping any product page from Amazon. All you need is the ASIN code of that product.

You have to send a GET request to with the below given parameters.



api_key required

Your personal API key. Available on your dashboard Type: String

domain required

This is the TLD extension of the amazon page. Example - in, com, tr, etc Type: String

asin required

This is the Amazon product ID. Type: String

API Example

curl ""


    "title": "Cosmetic Brush Kit 5 Pcs Makeup Brush Travel Set Princessa - Pink",
    "product_information": {
        "UPCundefined": "716189022169",
        "ASINundefined": "B00AP877FS",
        "CustomerReviews": "5.0 stars and 4 reviews"
    "brand": "Brand: BeautyEZ",
    "brand_url": "/s/ref=bl_dp_s_web_0?ie=UTF8&search-alias=aps&field-keywords=BeautyEZ",
    "description": "This set of 5 pieces makeup brushes provides an assortment of brushes for cosmetic applications. It is an important beauty essential for you. The Brushes are used for applying powder, foundation, brush, and eye shadow. Its design is suitable to carry and use when you are travelling.",
    "price": "$6.95",
    "list_price": "$6.95",
    "shipping_info": "Details",
    "availability_status": "In Stock",
    "images": [
    "number_of_videos": 0,
    "product_category": "Beauty & Personal Care › Tools & Accessories › Makeup Brushes & Tools › Brush Sets",
    "average_rating": 5,
    "feature_bullets": [
        "1 set of 5 pcs makeup brushes",
        "Lash & Brow Comb, Sponge Tip Applicator",
        "Powder Brush, Liner Brush and Eye Shadow Brush",
        "Soft tips and Stylish design",
        "4 to 4.2 inches each to easily fit in your travel case."
    "total_reviews": 4,
    "total_answered_questions": "",
    "other_sellers": [],
    "customization_options": {
        "color": [],
        "size": [],
        "style": []
    "merchant_info": "BEAUTYezSHOP",
    "ships_from": "BEAUTYezSHOPBEAUTYezSHOP",
    "sold_by": "BEAUTYezSHOP"

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