Webhook Integration

You can even collect the scraped data to your favorite database. You just need to add a webhook URL and the scraped data will be submitted to your target destination.

Where to add the Webhook URL?

Once you log in to your dashboard you can click on Add Webhook URL button.

Once you click

Once you click on that button you will find a box where you will be asked to paste your webhook url.

You will also be asked to name this webhook. This name should be unique as it will be later used to identify the target storage URL. This webhook URL should be a POST API.



api_key required

Your personal API key. Available on your dashboard Type: String

url required

URL of the page you want to scrape. Type: String


It tells our server whether you want to render JS or not. It can be either true or false. By default it is true. Type: Boolean


This is the name of the webhook. Type: String


curl "https://api.scrapingdog.com/webook?api_key=5e5a97e5b1ca5b194f42da86&webhook_id=random_name&url=http://httpbin.org/ip&dynamic=false"


    "sid": "4286cfd7-4752-4f6b-8cc6-df01a8ac3ce3"

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